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We receive a lot of emails… and phone calls… and background music/chatter… and cell phone dings including your various app notifications and the school nurse calling to let you know your son has caught the flu. All the while, the world and business alike has never seemed to change at such a rapid pace. No matter your age, we’re all fighting to keep up. And that’s just it – we all are. We’re only human, each with different characteristics to jointly help run and grow a well-rounded business.

Growth requires change though (which I believe we have all seen transpire in some way over the past year, at least). Change is the cornerstone of new ideas. But perfection is the death of creativity and ideas. Everyone makes mistakes. But the only real mistake is the ones we don’t learn from or are too afraid of making that we don’t try at all. While we as a company are particularly focused on growth, this doesn’t require abandoning everything that has gotten us to where we are today.

Adams Remco began with selling typewriters and calculators. Typewriters… and calculators. We have evolved. We, much like your business, will only continue to evolve. And it is with basic qualities like hard work, commitment, and consistency that we are still here today. The only way to grow and evolve together though, is by being together.

Hard work

Last year at this time our Company President shared the following comparison for motivation and understanding: Think of the sport or activity you excelled most in as a kid. Did you only ever play that sport when your coach demanded of you (practice and games)? When I was in school sports, I took additional technique lessons, went to batting cages, and signed up for just about every extracurricular league outside of my school team. Your job puts the food on your table and roof over your head. Why should it be treated any different when you’re working to receive better and help your company move forward? The phrase “too busy” has become almost a disease today due in partial to our unlimited distractions, means of communication, and entertainment. However, at the end of the day, actions express priorities. Take a moment to reflect on your little habits and the big effects they had on your 2017. Are there any cell phone notifications you receive daily that are unnecessary? Or email accounts you receive daily updates from that you never even open? Recognize what areas of your “busy” you can’t control and take action toward those you can.

Commitment & Consistency

In your relationships, do you immediately run for the hills when things seem less than great? Many of you now have children and longstanding marriages, due to you at the least being there on a reliable basis. Besides working 8-5, what is a good change, habit, thing, or person you can commit more to everyday or workday this year?

Change doesn’t happen over night. Believe me, I wish I had a magic wand that could grant many of our wishes. Be patient. It is a knee-jerk reaction to look outside ourselves for a solution to our problems. When this reaction occurs, first ask yourself, “Have I, myself, given 100% of my own effort towards this?” There’s a fine line between delegating and making your own problems, someone else’s problem.

Looking ahead to 2018 I believe our company, for instance, has gotten over a lot of speed bumps to make the coming year more successful. Speed bumps that are much bigger than they appear at first glance, sliding across your desk. Therefore, it is time for continued collaboration. Separately, we are capable and productive, but together the opportunities are endless!

We wish all of you and your families a healthy and happy 2018!!

Attract. Educate. Inspire.

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