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It all happens so fast. In what seems like no time at all life can go from good to a living nightmare. There’s no time for a phone call to each person, certainly no time for an email. But what’s the one thing we each seem to have literally attached to our hip or within arms reach – a cell phone. And what do most schools (and businesses alike) have visible throughout the whole building – some sort of screen, TV, and/or whiteboards. Now, with ARI Digital Signage, your active shooter or emergency alert warning can be literally a fingertip away.

Thanks to our friends at Hughes On Media Solutions, we’re able to provide businesses with an integrated app to screen system. Whether your school or business already has TVs or is interested in investing in additional technology, we have the products, service, and support to make it possible for you to simply press a button on an app and your digital displays will show a full screen alert message. With our cloud-based Content Management Console, you’re even able to customize this message. Common uses for an Emergency Alert System include Evacuation, Fire, Tornado, and Shooter (see below and above). However, you could even tailor the message, for instance, to read something like “Game is starting now!”

While Adams Remco has 11 offices throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Florida, we’re a nationwide Digital Signage provider. Contact us by emailing joec@adamsremco.com for more information on this solution or find us on Facebook.

Adams Remco Digital Signage is a versatile solution including various options for commercial grade screens, mounting/stand capabilities, content creation and management services, necessary accessories, in-depth training, and technical support for complete indoor and outdoor digital solutions.

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