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Every year a university, of Berrien Springs, Michigan, enrolls over 3,300 students, employs over 250 faculty, and provides for 7 academic entities. Needless to say, between the student files and classwork, printing costs can easily rise without particular monitoring. Therefore in 2012, Adams Remco’s Corporate and St. Joseph, MI, Management were asked to evaluate the institutions total print fleet including all unknown and known on-campus devices, lease payments, and service expenses. Our findings uncovered that over time the university had grown to manage over 5 devices per employee. By industry standards this is 2-3 times more than an optimized environment. Resolutely, Adams Remco quickly developed a total plan to reduce both the university’s waste and print costs.

Since implementing Adams Remco’s Managed Printed Services program and an output management software solution, we were able to reduce the university’s fleet by 44%, reduce their print volume by 45% on black and white volume, and reduce their color print volume by 10%. In addition, our complete solution has reduced the need for the university’s IT Department to manage the printer fleet and their administrators are now equally able to better track and control expenses associated with printing.

Due to Adams Remco’s over 70 years of industry experience, we specialize and seek effective evaluations, like this one, on a daily and yearly basis. To see how we can reduce your company’s waste and print costs, visit our Managed Print Services page here or contact our office nearest you here.

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