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Workflow Improvement

Workflow Improvement

Improving Efficiency Through Automation

If you needed to review a customer purchase order from last week, a vendor invoice from last month, or an employee review from last year, how long would it take to have that document in front of you?

More than a few seconds?

How much of your time, and the time of your co-workers, would you estimate is spent each day:


Trying to physically locate documents- in file cabinets or in the possession of co-workers, both on and off-site?


Routing documents among multiple employees, for input, review, approvals or signatures?


Making multiple copies of documents for collaboration and distribution?


Filing all of the above?

Too much?

If this describes your organization, you’re probably working within an inefficient, paper-based workflow system. This unnecessary paper shuffling costs you and your co-workers valuable time better spent on more important tasks, and your organization money.

We can help.

At Adams Remco, our FileBound-certified engineers are trained to assess virtually any business processes, then design and implement cloud-based systems to manage documents and forms and automate the workflow, improving organizational efficiency.

We accomplish this by bringing all of your documents under management to improve the way you find, share, process and store them. As paper documents are scanned and digital documents imported into the system, they are available within seconds for employee access and collaboration, by desktop or mobile. Workflows for even the most complex processes can be automated through an intuitive drag-and-drop system, automatically routing the right documents to the right employees at the right times, without delay. And our FileBound-based solutions provide you with the analytics that help you measure productivity gains and highlight areas for future improvement.

Improve your Workflow Today!

It all starts with a FREE assessment. To see how your organization could benefit from a Workflow Improvement solution from Adams Remco, call us today at 800-267-2113.

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