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Re-Engineered Office Equipment


Like New at 30%-60% Savings

What is ReStore? ReStore is the brand to ask for when you want like-new remanufactured…or “ReStored” office equipment at savings of 30%-60% vs new.  It is also an Adams Remco-branded “Green” initiative designed to keep restorable office equipment out of our local landfills.

ReStore brand equipment starts out as national name brand equipment that is nearing the end of its service life. Popular, particularly well-designed models are selected, stripped down to the frame, and inspected to identify worn parts for replacement. After a thorough cleaning, necessary parts and covers are replaced, the unit is tested, all systems are adjusted back to factory default settings and it’s shrink-wrapped, ready for sale.

All ReStored office equipment is sold with identical service contracts to new models, and satisfaction is guaranteed, or it is replaced upon demand.

If you might be interested in the value of our ReStore brand office equipment, contact your local Adams Remco sales representative or call 800-627-2113 to request availability and pricing.

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